Hello, I’m Alexander. NAII is my business. Coastery is my blog (it’s where you are right now). Free Write Camp is the community I host, where you learn to write, practice writing by helping nonprofits and become a paid writer.

I write about travel adventures, learning experiences and how I work remotely. My goal is to lead a rich life.

Alexander is an author, designer, and explorer.

Author, designer, explorer.

Am I going to be rich?

No. A rich life is a life enriched by the experiences and encounters you meet on the road. When you’re constantly awake and open for new lessons, you’re living a rich life. The best way to experience that intensively is currently ON BOARD, a startup that offers learning journeys using the world as your classroom one destination at a time. You learn from local mentors and experts, visit local communities and make an impact in the places you visit to transform yourself (as a human person and professional) and the world for the better.

Why Coastery?

Coastery is the idea of working or living together but in separation, each person on their own island but in close proximity to each other meaning the islands are neighbors.

It’s the concept of being loosely connected. Connected but still independent and not attached or glued to one another. Like a good relation should be.

Your life is an adventure

I work remotely and travel around. I’m not longer than 2-6 months in one place. Intentionally. I don’t want to get bored. I want to inspire people to do their own adventures. Every day.

You can do better. Always.

I give advices to boost yourself, move forward and make progress. I’m doing this because I feel that a lot of people are behind their potential, and it hurts me seeing that.

Indie research, like Indiana Jones

I’m also researching experiments in storytelling, the power of text and the art of story-writing to create a space for writers and storytellers. I’m researching interactions, interaction patterns, doing interviews and analyzing tools.

I feature projects, initiatives, organizations, companies in the context of writing, text and storytelling.

You can write me.

I’m happy to write with you. Tweet me smart lines @naii.

Looking for inspiration?

Check my Twitter Take-aways, handy nuggets of wisdom, my writing process in 8 steps or motivational speeches.