Motivational speeches

Weekend is 2 days going crazily after what you love

People, it’s not weekend, it’s 2 days to crazily pursue what you are not able to do from Monday to Friday. And if Monday to Friday is already filled with joyful things that make you feel whole you are probably one of the happiest people on Earth, and an exception instead of being a standard.

Think about it: Happiness is a choice.

So, put yourself into a positive state of mind. This is when the good things will literally chase you, you can’t flee. And this is when you will have learned that happiness has been a choice (every day!) because you have chosen to look at things differently than a big group of people.

When I search on Google “How many live a fulfilled, purposeful and rich life?”, I don’t see results. In the next 50 years I want that to change (also because Google will be able to answer that by then) so that the answer will be:


Just like “the answer to life the universe and everything” is:


Originally posted on Facebook in English and German.

If I write more motivational speeches, I’ll update this page.

Last update was 26. January 2016.