If only once you smelled how showing up changes you, you will never return to feeling like a victim

Even if only once you experienced how you win and own the day when you got up early, smelled the fresh morning air walking outside for a few minutes, returned and started your day with the most important task first, even if that had only happened once, you will remember this is your way to go because when you become in charge and take responsibility for your life after your early rise, new comrades will join your journey: Say „hi“ to achievement, fulfillment, and happiness. They stay and leave. But if you continuously show up, they will come back and stay until they leave again. Over time, the more experienced you get with showing up every day, the cycles of leave-stay-return will get smaller, almost but never permanent.

Here’s also why you should show up every day, by Shawn Blanc. After why comes how, so here’s Sean McCabe illustrating how you show up every day.

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Why my business year has 48 weeks

As a business owner I count a year in weeks, the year consists of 52 weeks (I’m not counting the extra day). I also count a month in weeks, the month consists of 4 weeks (28 days). With 12 of those months, my business year has 48 weeks. All the extra days per month (1-3) I save and let them define the length of my off-time from my business. I’m using this time to cut myself off from the „hyperconnected“ world and explore the tangible world to reset my self.

(In German: Ich gehe auf analoge Forschungsreise, um den Einklang mit meinem Selbst zu prüfen und ggf. wiederherzustellen).

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Cleaning manifesto

This is something I wrote almost 3 years ago when I discovered cleaning households would be a „thing” for me. I called it „Cleaning manifesto“ and it includes the appreciation for the craft of your and my hands. Here’s the text (slightly edited for better readability):

After the conversation I had today while cleaning at client’s house I made up my mind. The result is a conglomeration of thoughts why I’m cleaning right now and what goals in life I have at the moment:

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