016: You be good and strong first

You be good and strong first

People need a strong you if you want them to rely on you. Take care of yourself, be good and healthy so you can take care of others after.

No big help when weak

You can’t help another person when you are not in a strong physical and mental condition. Well, you can but the amount of help you provided would be low. Also, you would lower your own energy helping but only increase the helped person’s energy by a small degree. To say it harshly: Your help would be a waste of energy.

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015: Be a role model, not a show doll

Be a role model, not a show doll

You can be someone other people look up to without being glamorous about it. You don’t need to sell your attitude and accomplishments for the sake of publicity. You can secretly keep being a great role model for each person following your path so he/she can apply the things you share with them enriching their life. No need to become fancy about yourself.

Traditionally, these would be fans or admirers or whatever stupidly euphemistic word people come up with. This person following your journey, let’s call him Rick (if you are a guy reading this) and Ashley, if you like to consider yourself female.

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014: Execute 10 times more than the average

Execute 10 times more than the average

You are going to die. I know you know I will as well. People can become 120 years and older. Still, I see people in a limited mindset where only their existence seems to matter to them.

I hear people say:

After me the Flood (“Nach mir die Sintflut”)

I consider it arrogant and ignorant to only have one’s own life in the radar. In the grand scheme your life does not matter as much as you think it does. Your life is a building block to something bigger. Your life is the foundation for another existence.

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