70: Lessons learnt in week 14

Lessons learnt in week 14

It’s the end of the week and time to sum up what you learned reading the #weekdaykickoff series. It’s the last post before my 7-days sabbatical.

You accomplished nothing

Start your day convinced that in your life you haven’t achieved anything so that you want to make this and all the following days your best days. You have nothing to lose and everything to win. You’re like a new-born baby with a fresh pair of eyes to be astonished by the world and the curiosity that makes you ask tons of questions. Read More

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69: Think to relieve you

Think to relieve you

Making up your mind is fine. It means you’re thoughtful and ideally mindful towards someone/-thing else. Think before you act. However, thinking in excess (i.e. overthinking) is a problem and can cause severe damage if you stay in the loop.

While cleaning I found out that I have at least two stages in which I do the cleaning job: focused and unfocused.

The focused stage is when I have thoughts come and go. I’m inviting thoughts to enter my head space and I’m guiding them out again. In focus is the ideal state. Everything is fine when you’re like that. Read More

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68: Why you have no idea what you’re talking about

Why you have no idea what you’re talking about

As a practitioner you know what to buy, who to ask, how things work (and don’t) because you’re practicing. You’re getting your hands dirty, ask annoying „why“ questions and actually try things out.

As a non-practitioner, you superficially read about it in an article where someone else pre-chewed the information so the gum has become soft and easy to swallow. It’s ok to read about things beforehand. It’s good to get an idea about it.

Like pre-reading about the movie you’re willing to watch next Thursday, you wouldn’t want to only read about it but move your butt into the cinema hall, sit down, shut up and watch it. You don’t want to call yourself a film expert when the only thing you’ve seen were film reviews written by others. How much of a practitioner would you be? Read More

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